Building blocks for modern reusable APIs with Low Code

Low code
10x faster

Intuitive UI to guide you from concept to deployment
Scalable microservices architecture
Deployed On Premise adjacent to your data and applications
Integrated with CI/CD
Integrate with security (secrets, auth)
1. OpenAPI standards,
2. Integrate with API Gateways.
De-facto implementation of best-in-class resilient & scalable API's
Auditability – of performance, data & detailed logging
Observability – Real-time hooks into API health & metrics

Dextcloud is a Low Code application platform enabling developers and technical users to compose enterprise-grade API and event-driven services and orchestrate digital processes, both on-premise and on cloud proven in regulatory and high compliance environments.

  • Create reusable building blocks on top of existing application estate and rapidly build modern API service layer. APIs increase collaboration and monetisation of data and services to increase competitive edge.

  • Streamline digital strategy by massively improving time-to-market of business-critical applications, resulting in faster delivery of new services to end clients.

  • Internally, teams can massively reduce delivery time of application development pipelines and deliver over 80% faster - without compromising performance, security, or established DevOps practices, improving quality of delivery.

  • Automation reduces operational incidents and helps manage technical debt. Involving other technical and operational resources in API development increases team output.

Start with the Flow

Enterprise-grade API and event-driven services composed with Low Code. Build a service layer on top of your distributed services - deployed on your infrastructure both on-premise or on public cloud.

Drive services on Event triggers or Schedules

Trigger services on events and choreograph long running business workflows based on event publishing and subscription. Build batch processes.

Product: API Aggregator and Orchestrator

Service Composition: Low Code Designer

Fast intuitive construction of messages driven services

Data Processing in Designer

Brings design and unit testing into one console, further accelerating development time

Service Composition: Error Handling

Full enterprise-grade error handling

Connected Services

Provides instant out of the box connections to corporate data sources further reducing development time

Accelerate your digital journeys with APIs.