Simplify access to data and applications distributed across multiple platforms.

Todays businesses cannot avoid having data and applications fragmented across multiple platforms and services which they don't control.

Fragmented data and applications can be hard to manage and integrate. You may spend most of your time developing solutions to integrate with these services which takes you away from your core objectives.

Dextcloud allows you to focus on your core business objectives by simplifying access and to your data and applications spread across multiple platforms and geographies and can automate key business functions involving multiple services.

Dextcloud provides a low code solution to automate repeatable tasks in the distributed ecosystems and thereby increasing efficiency so that application developers can focus on core business requirements.

Start with the Flow

A no code solution allowing you to connect multiple applications, services and data stores deployed across public cloud, on-premise and SaaS to accomplish any automation use case specific to your business

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Data at your fingertips

Stacks are prepackaged application templates which can be deployed with simple configuration in a few clicks on. Stacks can be Message Queues, Data stores or custom applications.

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Better scalability. Faster integration. Stronger security.

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