Our offering

Driving efficiency in today’s enterprise is paramount and is key to staying competitive. Creating new services is challenging when data and applications are spread across multiple platforms and services.

In addition, legacy services and applications need to be modernised, cost of ownership managed and many new journeys and stories have to be mapped to business processes. In this digital economy you cannot achieve all that you need just by hiring more developers.

Dextcloud allows you to focus on your core business objectives by simplifying access to your data and applications spread across multiple platforms and geographies and can automate key business functions.

Using our Low No Code platform you can create Command driven (API) and Event driven business applications in your ever changing and distributed enterprise. Dextcloud accelerates this process and reduces most of these steps in terms of resource requirements and time. These services can be consumed by other applications seamlessly. This reduces dissonance in the process of service creation and streamlines it according to business objectives thereby massively increasing efficiency and enables the enterprise to participate in API driven digital ecosystem which presents new opportunities for collaboration and monetisation.

Our experience

Traditionally enterprise behaviour has been towards deeper control and building the technology stack in house, however a shift has been seen with the advent of cloud computing where enterprises are partnering and outsourcing infrastructure off premises and increasingly considering SaaS services.

Dextcloud was founded in 2017 by Datacentre applications and Technology expert Manish Sharma. Our founder built on his extensive experience in designing and building large scale distributed systems to design a Low No Code, cloud native and event driven toolkit to simplify and accelerate applications development:

“My previous experience has been in building integration solutions in the field of IT operations and also building large scale globally distributed systems. I have witnessed the trend in the last two decades that systems are getting more and more disparate and distributed making it more challenging to build business applications which encapsulate process that spans across this distributed ecosystem.”

The name dextcloud is a play on “dexterity” or “skill” in a distributed IT infrastructure as denoted by the idea of Cloud computing.
dexterity[ dek-steri-tee ] in the Cloud. skill or adroitness in using the hands or body; agility.

Our founder

Manish Sharma
Founder & CEO