Reflecting on an incredible 2020


How does one begin to summarise 2020, it has been a monumental year both personally and professionally, and globally we have all had to deal with a once in a generation black swan event with the pandemic. We are all grappling with the fallout and dealing with the new reality as best we can. The only thing I find relevant to say is that I want to thank all the frontline services who looked after us and kept things running and are still doing it under unimaginable pressure.

What has been evident is technology has become more important and has been a shining light in an otherwise bleak year, we as a society have depended a lot on tech and the imprints of this year and tech adoption will stay with us for a generation.

For Dextcloud, we expanded our offering and had new strategic relationships with enterprises, some of this was recently announced - especially the relationship and investment from Citi

The Citi investment highlighted how enterprises are re-evaluating the methods of application delivery as demand for new services and refreshing existing processes and solutions is immense as well as businesses having to speed up creation of new digital processes and services.

Low Code platforms have become a key set of technologies to enable this transformation. It is increasingly seen as a one of the pillars of application development and process automation. Previously, disparate fields of integration, automation, BPM, event handling and application development have found convergence through Low Code.

If we look at the taxonomy of types of low code application, primarily they are still thought of as creating via Low Code a set of full stack applications consumed and driven by user interfaces. This is still seen as a locked in process developed end to end by a LCAP rather than a team of developers, this route provides all the benefits of low code but the applications are still black boxed and depend on locked in proprietary runtimes provided by the runtimes, with the exception of platforms that generate code.

We at Dextcloud have focussed on creating a headless form of output creating API and Event driven services which form part of the application development stack and frees up significant developer time and reduces risk with repeatable processes. We have been working on some exciting use cases to transform user journey creation by removing old point to point code and legacy BPM like automation and converting them to API driven services composed with our Low Code interface.

Looking forward, Low code will be part of a revival or core offerings and application stack updates. Deloitte's annual tech review highlights this fact to describe how enterprises are already and will increasingly look to handle the speed of new requirements and are explore opportunities to shift core assets to increasingly powerful platforms, including low-code options.

Within the Dextcloud team, we aim to take our transformation message to a wider set of customers and wish everyone a great deal of success and revival in 2021, all the resilience of 2020 will reap big rewards in '21.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

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