Create reusable building blocks for the modern enterprise with Low Code

Innovate faster by building new API and Event-driven business applications and modernise legacy services.

Build APIs to accelerate development of business applications, process automations, and more...

Why Dextcloud?

In todays distributed enterprise, data and control are spread across different applications, ecosystems, partners and more. Business workflows straddle this disparate landscape, making application development challenging.

Technology departments everywhere are straining to modernise legacy software as well as accelerate delivery of new digital services to match the speed of business needs. Traditional application development is slow and expensive, incurring technical debt. Off the shelf platforms can bring further overheads and cost.

The current crop of Low Code platforms focuses on the “Citizen Developer” or build full stack services. RPA-built bots are not reliable or scalable, increasing sprawl with further management overhead.

Dextcloud addresses these challenges to help enterprises realize the promise of Low Code and accelerates service delivery by building services aligned with IT processes and architecture, reducing silos and increasing collaboration with APIs.

Business Leadership

Massively improve time to market of business-critical applications. Build new API driven services to increase collaboration and monetisation of services and data.

Technical Leadership

Rapidly fulfil pipeline of application development requests. Reduce operational incidents and manage technical debt. Involve other technical and operational resources in API development to increase team output.

Delivery Teams

Spend more time in design and reduce delivery times by over 80%. Build using established DevOps practices, improving quality of delivery.

Enterprises and rapidly growing firms love Dextcloud

Dextcloud seamlessly works with established IT controls and architectures, integrating with Authentication and Security layers and with continuous integration and delivery pipelines. Dextcloud-built services sit on the same plane as developer-built applications without any friction. This does not create new application silos, unlike other platforms which have deep runtime dependency with their output.

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“Dextcloud provided us an effective and efficient way to develop our application monitoring solution without having to invest in large, monolithic solutions.”
CTO, Financial services

Low code like you code.